Current Projects : Bryony

To find out about Bryony’s creative projects on her Artfever website .

Bryony is developing dance and sensory play activities in Leeds Libraries for families inspired by childrens’ stories with Playbods. Visit the Playbods website to find out more.

You might like to follow her on Twitter.


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Current Projects: Chloë

After completing an MA in Radio Journalism Chloë now does voice overs. Follow her audio exploits on Sound Cloud.

Follow her crafty bits on Etsy.

and for everything else have a looksy at Twitter and her blog.

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A new project for the Sibling Experiment?

Sibling Rivalry?

They may not get along as children but many siblings find they can be friends as adults.

What happens though when you consider your sibling a friend and then rivalry causes a rift?

Inspired by the Miliband brothers The Sibling Experiment is moving into the murky world of the sibling rivalry.

Watch this space…

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The Sibling Experiment – Preliminary results 2010

The average

The Red line represents non-siblings. The Blue line represents siblings.


Each shape represents a set of siblings. The black shape is the average.


Each shape represents a set of non-siblings. The black shape is the average.

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The Sibling Experiment 2.1

Furnival Building Sheffield Hallam University. 20th Feb 2010

Chloë and the Pritchards

Bryony explains The Sibling Experiment

A sibling leads her brother through the maze

Sisters negotiate the maze

a non-sibling leads a friend through the maze

two sisters decipher their sisters descriptions.

two non-siblings test their competitivness.

two non-siblings take a run up.

two siblings make paper planes

two siblings draw and describe.

Results from the experiment will follow shortly.

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The Sibling Experiment Control Event.

Friday 5th Feb. 6 – 8.30 at Persistence Works Sheffield.

Control testing on non-siblings.

Watching Biscuit Bingo - testing cooperation.

Bryony explains the experiment to a sibling.

Two sisters mind read.

Chloë and a sibling.

Bryony helps some non siblings read each others mind.

Chloë aids in Sibling mind reading

Bryony explains the competitive experiment to two non-siblings.

The Pritchard Sisters observe two non-siblings cooperating.

The Pritchard Sisters compare notes.

Bryony watches as competition becomes cooperative.

Two non-siblings meet hilarity as they attempt to be competitive


The next event will be on Saturday 20th Feb from 12-6 at Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery in the Furnival Building at 153 Arundel Street, S1 2NU.

For more information contact

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The Sibling Experiment and Hybrid

As part of Hybrid which runs throughout February in Sheffield The Pritchard Sisters will be conducting two experiments as part of The Sibling Experiment.
On Friday 5th Feb at Persistence Works Sheffield between 18:00- 20:30 we will be conducting ‘The Control Event’. This will involve  games and tasks that aim to prove our sibling theories. If you aren’t a sibling then this is the event for you!

Then on Saturday 20th Feb at Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery between 12:00 and 18:00 we are launching The Sibling Experiment 2.1. This will give members of the public the chance to drop in and test their sibling bond through fun and games.

“The Sibling Experiment began in 2007 with the development of the Sibling Experiment Day. Since then The Pritchard Sisters have involved other sets of siblings in their ‘pseudo psychological human testing’ games. The days explore the relationship between siblings providing light hearted (and most importantly) fun replications of scientific experiments resulting in sibling bonding.”

We hope to see you there.

see the events on Facebook

The Sibling Experiment

The Control Event

The Sibling Experiment 2.1

The balls a rollin’…

Bryony with a rubber

installing our documentation at Persistence Works Sheffield.


the spray-painted siblings giveaways.

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Next Project…

The Sibling Experiment continues… we are currently on the search for a psychologist, sociologist or  anthropologist who is interested in investigating the relationship between siblings through art.



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Bryony’s imaginary universe

Bryony has installed an imaginary interactive universe in the Bowery in Leeds. 

Check it out on ArtRabbit!

Tired after installing the universe!
Tired after installing the universe!

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